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Green Power




Some of the projects being worked on ....

​Aquisition Pod


An ultra compact acquisition Pod to aquire vital signs that fits into the junction box of an ECG cable, reducing cable loss and providing greater signal to noise ratio. With a built on board isolator, the Pod significantly simplifies overall system complexity.


Value Eye Chart


The ultra low cost Eye Chart is ideal for rural healthcare centers. With passive replaceable charts, this can be used with or without backlighting, displaying upto 8 different charts selectable through an infrared remote control. A built in battery and an external window mount solar panel, it can operate stand alone without connecting to the conventional power grid. 


Ozone Cleaner


Utilizing the powerful oxidising characteristics of ozone, the ozone cleaner uses locally generated ozonated water to remove pathogens and odour from utensils. Powered from a compact solar panel, it is a great kit for outdoor eateries to keep clean and hygienic utensils. Also helps prevent spread of communicable diseases.


Remote Power Testing


Testing of power inverters and power supplies with custom hardware and firmware  to provide accurate test results and health of power equipments. Remote connectivity helps to monitor equipments on site for amintainance. Modular construction ensures great flexibility for adapting to various configurations.


Light Box


A contemporary shaped light box that provides all round illumination and great aesthetics also packs big utility. With long lasting LED lamps and a high density battery to give long back up times, the lamp has charging sources that include a compact solar panel and a compact flywheel. Great for use in rural farmlands.​